DJ wax – Hair styling gel wax

This gel wax and comb arrived quickly in the mail. My son was thrilled to get it and mess with his hair. His friend is a Dee Jay and always has his hair standing straight up on his head. His is picture perfect all the time. My son figured he could do his the same way with this wax. Which the first thing we both done was smelled of the wax to see what fragrance it had. It’s not bad at all actually smells nice and clean. We applied some to his hair and used the comb. Well it didn’t give the effect either of us were expecting. He wanted the funky stand up hair and not the lay down poof hair. He didn’t get the results he was looking for even after a few more tries. This isn’t a product we will keep using on his hair. It’s great for those mornings when he wakes with hair in a mess. It lays down the crazy wild hair. We were just hoping for better results. I’m getting his hair cut this weekend so we will test it out again and see the outcome of it with shorter hair.

I received this product at no charge/deep discount in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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