I love how easy this is to just charge it up and take it with me to concerts, special events, festivals, out and about with friends. I guess you can say I stay on my phone too much. This comes in really handy when my battery on my phone starts to die. You know no one likes a dead cell phone. It’s like a life line and we all have to have one 24/7 now days. I’m always having to charge mine up at least once while out. Now this battery pack is rather heavy so carrying it for me is easier in my purse but I have stuck it in my back pocket also. It charges up my phone quick. I get at least three full charges out of it before I have to charge the pack up again. Great to have and honestly recommend everyone have it. You never know when you may need it and always excellent to have on hand so it doesn’t come down to what if. 

This charger does come with a Bluetooth ear piece. I personally don’t use mine as I don’t like hands free too much. I did test it out and it works good. I just like having my phone to my ear or using video chat for the most part. It easily paired with my phone and had no trouble with it so to each their own which ever you like best. I just love to charger the Bluetooth part was only a bonus. It may come a day when I want to use it but just not right now. 

If you are interested in owning one of these neat chargers with Bluetooth ear pieces you can order here

I received this product as a sample at a discount price to share my thoughts and opinions which are 100% mine. 


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