Master Panda Natural Detangling Hair Brush – Breechwood Paddle (Review) 

My daughter Emaleigh has thin hair but it seems to always want to get the worst tangles in it after she washes it. I’ve search all over for a brush that wouldn’t pull her hair. She is very tender headache and the slightest pull she wants to cry about.

 I was offered this Master Panda detangling hair brush as a sample. I ordered it and when it arrived I looked it over and love the style of the brush itself. The breechwood handle is nice and smooth no rough edges. It fits into my hand nicely. I can make it a nice grip around the handle. 

Then it was time – I tested it out on Emaleigh’s hair. I began testing it out on Emaleigh’s wet tangled hair I did notice it pulling a bit. She would flinch and you could tell it was hurting. It doesn’t glide through the hair like I would expect it too. Remind you her hair is thin but gets tangled easily. This brush once done had pulled out a few strands of hair. 

I decided to test it out on my thick hair to compare what I could about the brush itself. My hair is LONG and THICK! Once I got to brushing my hair I could immediately feel it pulling. I don’t like my hair being pulled when brushing it. I own the wet brush which doesn’t pull like this brush does at all. I kept going and finally got through it and was able to blow dry it. Now I will admit once I blow dried my hair it wasn’t stuck to my head like other times. This made me like it better when my hair was dry. It is a great brush for me when my hair is dry and being styled rather than when it’s wet and tangled. 

The picture above is what it looked like after being brushed through my wet hair with tangles. You can see where it pulled out some hair which I could hear breaking as I kept brushing. 

I understand all hair types are different. I surely wouldn’t suggest this for curly hair. If you want to order this brush you can do so here

Overall; I would give the Master Panda Natural Detangling Brush a 3.5 on a 5 point scale. I don’t love the brush for when I have wet hair but I do like it for dry and styling purposes. 

I received this product as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 


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