Live Infinitely Gym Ball Review 

This is a great exercise ball to have and after watching a few videos on YouTube to show me how to properly use it. I now feel like I know how to make the workout worth my time. The different videos helped a lot although some were more advanced than others. My goal for this new workout is to start slow and work my way up rather than going full blast into something. I look forward to learning as I go. 

This exercise ball took a bit to blow up about 5-7 minutes. Then I was ready to use it. I like that the material that the ball is made of is anti-burst. I got the 65″ ball which works best with my height. You can order other sizes as well depending on which one works best for you. I also really like that this exercises ball has anti-slip rings so no slipping off this ball while doing exercises. I could see myself slipping and busting my butt or head, however no worrying about that with this exercise ball. It can also be sit on while watching tv the which will improve your posture. I really like this idea as I have kind of bad posture. I’ve noticed since I do sit on it a lot more often that it helps my back from hurting. I’m no longer having to control my pain like I was before using this ball. No I’m not saying I’m pain free by any means. I’m just saying that it’s helped my pain in lower back. 

I’m highly satisfied with my exercise ball. I would recommend it to anyone and even teachers for their classrooms who want to get kids to have better posture or have a bit of fun in class.

I received this product as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 


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