Hair Straightener Brush (Review) 

This straightener brush is a heavier weight than I expected. It’s easy to turn on and switch the heat settings. Mine has to be set on the hottest 450 degrees since my hair is extra thick and wavy. It does heat up quickly so I can use it. However you have to push it into your hair deep to get it to give full effect. The heat is coming from the top of the bristles. It doesn’t give my thick wavy hair that slick sleek look like my straightener does but it does make it more straight. I don’t like how it pulls my hairs this part really annoys me. I even brush it out before I use this brush and that honestly doesn’t help much at all either. Now I used it on my daughter hair and it didn’t pull her’s as bad but she told me it felt too heavy and didn’t want to use any more. It’s a good concept but needs some improvements. I did like the bag that it comes with for safe keeping. This would be easy to travel with if you travel around.

I received this product as a sample my review is based 100% on my thoughts and opinions. 


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