The Little Voice Book By: Julie E. Landon (Review) 

The Little Voice is a children’s book written by Julie E. Landon. The pages are illustrated by Amanda Gaskin Morris. 

This book starts off telling us about a cabin and where a young boy is growing up. It’s the same place his father grew up. He is introduced to us as Eddy. A young boy who loved to play in a pond behind the cabin during the summer. He has a rope swing out there he would swing on jumping off a small cliff into the pond. One day he was doing this all by himself and we all know the dangers of water and being out there all alone. Eddy heard a voice tell him”I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He first ignored it and went on swinging on the rope swing jumping off the small cliff into the pond. Once again he heard the saying. He wondered where it was coming from all he found was a frog and thought to himself “but frogs don’t talk”. Eddy grabbed the frog and ran back to the cabin. His father had seen him run back to the house. He later tells him a story about what happened to him and a voice he kept hearing. His father explains that he doesn’t think frogs can talk but the voice he heard was very real. We all have this voice we hear when we do things we aren’t suppose to do such as in Eddy’s case going to the pond alone. It’s known as a conscience and each of us have one which helps us decide right from wrong and God’s way of helping us stay on track. Eddy and his father decided to take the frog back to the pond where he was found. 

The Little Voice teaches a lesson to always listen to your inner voice when trying to decide to do something. It’s always up to you the choice you make. 

The book ends with discussion questions to ask your child. You can talk about what you have read and go over it together. It also has some bible verses to memorize. 

The one bible verse that stands out to me the most is “If you can?” Said Jesus. “Everything is possible for him who believes.” Mark 9:23 

I highly recommend this children’s book for each child’s personal library. It’s a book that keeps giving on a valuable lesson. 

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Amazon has this book in paperback version or you can order the kindle version. If you want an autographed copy which is always really special you can message the Facebook page


I’m giving away my copy of this book. You can comment on this post about a time you heard the little voice or you can go comment on my Instagram photo of this book. The contest will end November 3rd at 7 pm. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me by message with full contact info otherwise I will be forced to choose another winner. 

I receive this book is a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 


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