What Do I Feel Educational Game For Kids 

This is an educational game for children to learn about paying attention to feelings of others. It’s called “What Do I Feel?” 

You’ll received this game quickly if ordered from Amazon

My kids love to play this game. You’ll receive the game inside of a box which can later be used to store the game until used next time. It comes with 44 cards and the instruction sheet. I noticed they are fairly well written and not hard to understand. However you can always make up your own rules if everyone agrees with the game you want to play. You also get a booklet that tells other creative games you can play also. It’s all about feelings. How do you feel? The cards in the game are great for smaller hands. The size is 2 3/8″ x 3 1/2″. Looking at the details of the cards they are nicely designed with color. 

This is just one game below explained how you can play it’s the one my kids play the most. 


Similar to “Go Fish” or the card game “Gin,” there are easy-to-understand rules for two to four players:

Each player gets 4 cards.

The goal is to collect 4 cards with the same EMOTION theme such as Disappointment, Fear, Anger, Offense, Sadness, Happiness, Surprise, or Love.

The first player asks another player if they have a card similar to one they have by explaining the picture on it. If the other player has a card, he gives it to the first player. But if no card is given, the first player picks a new card from the pile.

The game continues until the players have 4 cards in a set & places them down in front of them. When all cards are used, the one who has the most completed sets wins the game.

Overall this card game is great it has really helped my kids open up about how they feel. Why they feel the way they do. Why some things in life just aren’t fair. The reasons why we get mad but how something can make us happy again. It’s a great teaching tool for younger kids. 

I personally recommend this game to families, teachers, and just everyone. It’s a game kids can really benefit from who don’t like talking about feelings. This helps them open up and talk. 

I received this product as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.


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