Easy@Home Ovulation (LH) Urine Test Strips, 25 (LH) Test (Review) 

This is a cheaper way of finding out if you are near ovulating or right on the correct day for ovulation. Now my monthly runs 28 days perfectly on schedule. My body ovulates on day fourteen 99% of the time. I always test to see though because when I’m not TTC I’d rather be a bit safer. 

This pack will arrive with 25 individual Easy@Home Brand LH Ovulation Test Strips packaged in a ziplock polybag to be cost effective. Each Test is sealed in individual pouch. It’s not hard to open them up. The sticks are thing and look really cheap but for the most part work really well. I’ve had a couple that didn’t work at all. However it’s going to be a dud in a pack every once in a while even if you do all the steps correctly. 

When you get ready to use one of the test strips get you a cup that’s clean and new. I use a Dixie cup as they are easy enough to catch urine inside of and toss when I’m finished. Once you have caught your morning urine as it’s the best to use no matter what anyone says. It has been in you the longest and not diluted. Once you get ready to open the test package you get out the stick hold by the blue end. Then dip it into the urine. Don’t go past the max line. It only takes 3 seconds. Then you can toss out the urine and dispose of the cup you used. Remember always use a clean disposable cup for best results. You should see it start to slowly move down the line and either show one line which is negative or either two lines which is positive. Now sometimes when you get a positive it could be lighter line and darker line but it’s still a positive. If you are TTC you know what to do. Then if not be mighty careful during this time.  

  • These test are approved by the FDA and are over 99.8% accurate. 
  • Easy to use
  • Easily taken with you on the go
  • Works quickly 
  • Results are easy to read 
  • Sensitivity level 25 mIU/mL

I’ve personally never had a problem from these test as they work perfectly. They help me to have peace of mind when I’m ovulating and when I’m not. I highly recommend these test if you are TTC. It will help you a lot through your process. Good luck! 

I received this product as a sample. The thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 


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