Flat Artist Paint Brush Set Of 6 (Review) 

My hobby has become painting when I’m stressed, feeling down or just need to relax. I’ve learned a lot just by playing around and doing. One thing I’ve learned is you can’t have too many paint brushes. The other thing is the paint brushes that become your favorite won’t last forever. 

This set of 6 paint brushes was sent to me as a sample set which is in a variety of sizes. I’ve tested them out to see how well I could paint with them. I like the style, weight of them, how they don’t shed onto my painting, come in a variety of sizes, paint stay on the brush area well, smooth painting from the brush area. I mostly use acrylic paint when I’m personally painting on canvas. I love how it looks and the outcome of no brush strokes. 

My suggestion after using these paint brushes is to clean them well after each use so they will last you a while. Then store them away until you need them next time. 

  • I received this product a as a sample and tested for my own use. I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with my readers. 


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