Victor The Elephant Bath Caddy By GSAKids (Review) 

Victor the Elephant” is bigger than I originally thought but that’s excellent since it’s a bath toy organizer. It holds smaller tub toys that aren’t too heavy. The heavy toys will make it fall from the side of the tub. The lighter ones seem to do just fine. I tested both and then a mixture to see which worked out the best. This organizer is very sturdy, well stitched around the edges, has a nice style to it plus if your doing jungle theme it works wonderfully. It has a large see-through-mesh pocket on the front for kids to easily find what toys they are looking for. This also lets it easily drain out the water so no mold or mildew get in the organizer or on toys. It stays attached to the bathtub wall with two sturdy suction cups that are not like the ordinary ones you would buy. I actually love the style of these as I haven’t seen them before. They are much better and are designed to hold the organizer to the tub wall. When I hung it in our tub the first time it took a few to get it in the correct position where I wanted to hang “victor the elephant”. My main focus was for my youngest to be able to reach the toys with easy without having to stand up while in the tub. Once I had it where I wanted it I tightened the knobs on suction so it didn’t slide or move around at all. 

I highly recommend this cute “victor the elephant” tub organizer for anyone with babies or toddlers. It makes a wonderful gift too. You could even get creative if you done the gift idea and add a few cute small bath toys to it. 

I received this product as a sample. These thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 


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