NuTorch 4-in-1 Multi-function LED Torch (Review) 

This is a really neat item to have have around. It’s a multi-function LED flashlight with a Bluetooth speaker and power bank. You can take the head of the LED flashlight off to charge your phone in case of an emergency with a USB cable. It’s easy to pair with any Bluetooth enabled device. You can do this by pressing the power button for at least five seconds until you hear the pairing mode. It also has a built-in microphone for handsfree voice calls. I like this sometimes when I’m busy and someone calls me. Other times it’s not a tool that I would use for everyone to hear my conversations. The quality of the Bluetooth speaker is really good considering how small it is. I can hear my music clearly and answering the phone with ease if I choose to do so. The other person on the other end can tell I’m on speaker as I will call it rather than normal phone, but says my voice is very clear to them. This also has a built in rechargeable battery support which is 2600mAh. This charges up the Bluetooth speaker for hours of play time. I have played mine up to about thirteen hours before it went lower than I would like it to be. Then I would recharge it. You can also charge up your phone here too with a USB cord. I know I personally feel lost without a fully charged cell phone phone as it’s my life line and how I keep in contact with everyone. I love this being added to the Nutorch. It also comes with a clip which means it’s good for hanging on your belt, sun visor in any automobile that you drive or etc. 


1.LED flashlight 

2.2600mAh Power bank 

3.Bluetooth music playing 

4.Bluetooth car speaker,hands free call answer 


1 xMultifunction Outdoor Flashlight 

1 x USB cable 

1 x User manual

Overall; I’m highly impressed with the Nutorch. It has a lot of great features about it that I’ve enjoyed getting to know. This is light weight so it can be use anywhere. I carry mine in my escape of purse most of the time if I’m hitting a night out or a concert. Never know when you may need it. Great gift idea too. Highly recommend. 

My readers if you are interested in ordering one you can do so here. I have a special offer from the company which will save you 20% off when you order. The code you will need is: NUNET7086. This code is good good for all products on the website until the end of this month. 

I received this product as a sample. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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