Nlife Silicone Strech Lids Silicone Covers (Review) 

I always end up with left overs after fixing dinner. I’m either reaching for tin foil or plastic wrap because I never have enough lids to fit my bowls. This set of lids come with six in the package. You will get all different sizes. 

6 sizes included as follows:

• 2.56in / 6.5cm Diameter

• 3.74in / 9.5cm Diameter

• 4.53in / 11.5cm Diameter

• 5.71in / 14.5cm Diameter

• 6.50in / 16.5cm Diameter

• 8.27in / 21cm Diameter

I’ve been using them a few weeks and they have been easy to put on by stretching on bowl then pushing down in center pull on tab and burp the lid. This make it air tight (or so it seems), then you can take off, wash, and even reuse. 

Overall; I will be using these a lot around the holidays. Our family always cooks way too much food during that time. 

I received this product as a sample. The thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 


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