Dknight Big Magic Box Bluetooth Speaker (Review) 

I love Bluetooth speaker and this one by Dknight is one of my favorites. It’s black in color. I love the sleek look it has and the color of it. The weight is nice. Once you get it you will have to fully charge it so it will work. The once it’s charged up you can connect it to any Bluetooth enabled device. I connected mine to my iPhone. It connected without any problems or need for pesky codes. I turned on my pandora and could easily hear the nice crisp sound coming from speakers. The buttons st the top are easy to control it. Then the power button is on the end of it. You can’t miss it. 
You can use this Bluetooth device anywhere from your home, office, traveling, hotel room, by the pool, hanging out with friends, and etc. It’s light weight and portable. The play time is about ten hours or least for mine. I didn’t run it all the way down but I could tell the battery was getting low. 

Overall; I like it. The style is my favorite and the sound is great too. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking into getting a Bluetooth speaker. 

I received this product as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 


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