Digital Kitchen Scale By Easy@Home (Review) 

This digital multi function kitchen food scale by Easy@Home is easy to use. You will first need to add the batteries to make it work. You don’t have to worry about finding any because it comes with two AAA Duracell batteries and a user manual. The user manual is easy to follow and helps a great deal with figuring out all the functions that the scale can do. It will weigh up to 11 pounds and has a tare function button which also works as the power on/off. The unit button may be pushed to display weight in grams, pounds, ml and ounces. I love the different fictions that it offers as I’m always needing to weigh my foods, veggies, or even liquids differently. Then If you happen to forget to turn off the scale within two minutes of non use the scale will automatically turn off to save on battery life. I love this because sometimes I’m so busy in the kitchen preparing meals I forget. My daughter sometimes is in the kitchen helping cook and with a ten year old I’m having to watch everything. The scale itself is accurate (I haven’t had any problems from it) and I have compared it to a couple of other scales I have and they all read the exact weight. I love its sleek design and the color well it’s my favorite since it’s silver. This color goes with everything. I can leave it on my kitchen counter and not put it away once I’m done using it. 

Overall; I’m very pleased with how it’s making my life in the kitchen so much easier. Then with me being on a life style change of my food in take it’s really helped that way also. 

I received this product as a sample and I wanted to share my personal thoughts and opinions with my readers


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