Marigold 9″ thermal laminator (Review)

This is really a great laminator product to have around the office or even classroom if your a teacher. I have wanted one for so long because it’s so much I could laminate. Now this way you will only get the machine when you purchase here. The pouches you will have to order separately. I know it’s a pain in the bottom but it’s honestly a really easy process. Now if you aren’t using to using the pouches you could very well mess up what you are trying to laminate. I did this a few times before I actually got the hang of what I was doing. I then decided to play around with it before I ruined everything. It make also take you a few tries before you get good at what you are doing. However this little machine makes things so much fun. I can now protect things from the sun, spills from kids, and etc. I use mine a lot. 

Overall; I have really enjoyed it. I don’t have any complaints except I had to get use to it. Then it became easier and I liked it more than when I first started to use it. I would recommend this for any teacher or even someone to use in their home office. 

I received this product as a sample and wanted to share my personal thoughts and opinions with my readers. 


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