Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Unlock The Weird (Review) 

My son is a HUGE fan of Ripley’s books. He is always wanting to read them and learn about strange, odd and might I say gross things. I love the books too but don’t tell him. He even got his younger sister into being a fan of the books. They will sit for HOURS and read the stories, facts and look at the pictures. Then they will talk about the details and what all they read. 

This new edition of Ripley’s Believe it or not Unlock The Weird is a book filled with all new photos, stories, facts and really cool things all throughout the book. It will catch anyone’s attention. The pages are full of color and interesting things. It’s never a dull moment when reading this book. It has about two hundred and fifty pages. You will enjoy it from front to back. It was hard for me to put it down. I took a few days reading it and all I can think of to sum the book up is “WOW!!” 

Now my son hasn’t got this book as of yet. I know so mean of me right? Well no because his twelfth birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. He kept begging me for the book. I kept putting him off and still do. The keeping it hidden is the hard part least I know he will be super excited when he opens it up. I can’t wait for him and his sister to read it together. They will have a blast. 

What I love about Ripley’s is that every day they are searching for new things to add to another addition. Our family will be fans for life. We enjoy every second of each book. 

You can order this book on the website here. It would make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift. I personally would give it to a child 10 and older due to some of the content inside the books. 

Overall; HIGHLY impressed and love the 3D eyes on the front of the book cover. Ripley’s never disappoints and always has great content inside each book. 

I received a copy as a sample and all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine!

Once my son has a chance to read it I will let you know his review. It will be a few weeks so stay tuned 🙂 


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