VALRO Premium 30 Oz Stainless Steel Tumbler (REVIEW)

I’m always on the go sobthis is the perfect way to carry around my hot coco, coffee and hot tea. Yes I never fix the same things in my tumbler. I love the splash proof sliding kid that is on the top of it. Which for me means minus some bigger accidents. Sweat free so no worrying about where I sit it down on my desk or etc. It won’t ruin anything. It’s 30 oz so that means for me fewer drink refills. That’s exactly all the hot tea, coffees or hot coco I need for one day. I try not to over do it. When my kids get on the bus it’s nice to have in the morning times with my hot drink inside of it. I love how it feels in my hands. 
I also love when I want something cold inside of it to drink like water, unsweet tea or etc. I can put the ice inside with my drink. Now the ice doesn’t dilute like it does in other drink tumblers / glasses. The ice inside this one stays for a good bit. 

I love that this comes with a straw that’s bent and fits right into the drink top perfectly. 

The color of it is silver so I’m thinking of personalizing it to fit my style here before too long. 

This is easy to clean up with soap and warm water then rinse it out. The straw also comes with a cleaning brush so it’s easy to clean it after each use. I let it dry in the drying pan and use it the next day. I never put it away.

I highly recommend this product as it would make a fantastic Christmas gift this holiday season. You could even give it to the person that’s hard to buy for too. 

✯ Premium, 18/8 Stainless Steel, Kitchen Grade, FDA Compliant, Durable Construction

✯ Clear, BPA Free, Splash Proof Sliding Lid, minimizes messy accidents

✯ Seamless design inhibits bacterial formation

✯ Sweat-Free, easy grip

✯ Huge, 30 oz capacity for FEWER drink refills

✯ Wide mouth for easy filling & cleaning

✯ Icy cold retention for MORE than 24 hrs; heat retention for more than 6 hrs

✯ Reusable, eco-friendly; economizing way to enjoy coffee, tea, water & all kinds of beverages 
Buy VALRO, and get a COMPLETE bundle pack!
☞ Bent Straw, for easy hands-free sipping.

☞ Cleaning Brush, to keep your straw in tip-top shape.

☞ A Beautiful Gift Box, to make a perfect present for your loved ones.

I received this product as a sample and wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with my readers. 


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