My 11 year old son’s tonsillectomy experience 

First off this will be wrote as the days progress for Larrmyne (my son). You can keep checking back for full updates. His surgery date is Monday November 21st at 9:15 am. I know it seems late to me also, but they take the smaller babies and then on up in age. 

We had an early Thanksgiving today (Saturday November 19th, 2016). He was so worried he wouldn’t get any sweet potato pie his Mimi makes. Then he wanted dressing with gravy, turkey, creamed potatoes, rolls, vegetables. Oh yes and his glass of sweet tea. I’m shocked he ate so well today. He usually is a picky eater, but he surprised me today and ate a good meal. Oh yes he did get his sweet potato pie two pieces (one early at lunch and one after dinner). 

Larrmyne told me today “I hope I’m ok enough by Thursday to do our Black Friday shopping.” He has shopped with me EVERY YEAR on Black Friday since he was a little baby. I guess it has sort of became our tradition. Yes some people say “He knows what he is getting for Christmas – that’s no fun.” I look at it this way it’s our memories and he still acts just as surprised on Christmas morning as his sister who has no idea what she is getting. Don’t judge 😉 I will keep you all posted if he gets to continue with me this year or stays home with his Mimi. He will be so heartbroken though. 

Now back about surgery we have a wonderful doctor here in our hometown of Oxford, Ms. His name is Dr. Dye. Larrmyne feels really comfortable with him and is ready to get where he isn’t getting sick as much with strep. 

 I also had Dr. Dye as my doctor when I had my tonsils removed at age 29 (last year). I kind of know the ends and outs of this surgery as I have went through it. Larrmyne isn’t scared which is great! He watched how I done all through out mine so I’m thinking that helped him a lot. 

Tomorrow Sunday, November 20th, 2016 after 12 midnight Larrmyne can’t eat or drink anything. I will make sure he eats before then though so he doesn’t feel like he needs to eat or something. If that makes sense. He has made me a list of things to get after his surgery. I have also made some note to myself of what to get for him also that helped me after my surgery. If anyone has any thing you think I should add to the list let me know in the comments 🙂 

I’m ending this for now. I will update it tomorrow or Monday. 

Monday November 21st, 2016 
Today is surgery day and Larrmyne is still not bothered by it as he wants to quit getting sick … so much. 

We had to be at the surgery center around 9 am to check him in and sign some papers. They called us back to sign all the papers and for insurance information. Once all of that was done we waited … and waited … and waited. 

They finally called us back to check weight, blood pressure, and stats about 10:20am. They asked a few questions. Signed more papers for everything to be done. 

My son had to go get into a gown and put his clothes in a bag. He didn’t like that part very much. I don’t blame him. They gave him a couple blankets out of the warmer. 

Then he got a wrist band with all his information on it. We had to double check that all information was correct. It was so they placed them on his arm.

Once he got the wrist band they talked about an IV stick. They asked did he know what an IV was and wanted to explain it. Larrmyne said “I watch enough TV I know what it is.” They said “ok long as you know.” He agreed to letting them stick him. A nurse came in first and couldn’t find a good enough vein so she said she would let the pro do it. 

Well then the guy who has been doing this for years came in and he couldn’t find one either. He finally thought he found one and tried to get it. However Larrmyne’s skin seemed to be so tough in that spot. It ended up fracturing the IV plastic thing at the tip. The man said “WOW! That rarely ever happens and never with a child.” He tried it again – once again it happened the same way. I’m getting sick seeing all the blood from my child. Larrmyne never once cried out only asked was I ok because he seen I turned my headed. I couldn’t watch the blood flow from my child. That’s not something a mother ever wants to do. I assured him I was just reply to a text on my phone. Thankfully he believed me as he knew some friends had been checking on him. The guy trying to do the IV who was the pro said “I’m just going to stop and give him gas. Then try again once he is asleep.” Larrmyne looked at me and laughed “I told you I’m superman!” 

We waited about an hour so while we waited we had some fun with snapchat – enjoy these photos below. 

Snapchat passed the time for a while but then got boring and started to run my phone battery down. Larrmyne wanted his tablet to play games on. I brought it so he could pass the time easily. I gave it him so he could play on it. 

It was only about ten minutes until they took him back to the operating room. We did happen to get a photo together before they came to get him. 

Horrible picture of me but it’s ok 🙂 This was about 5 minutes before they took him back. I assured him it would be over before he knew what happened.

They took him back to operating room at 11:15. They phoned me around 11:30 to let me know they got him to sleep with the gas was able to start an IV. It would be another 30 minutes before Dr. Dye would walk out and talk to us. He said his tonsils and adnoise was both very large so he opted to remove both. Told me Larrmyne done great during surgery. Reminded me how to give pain medicine. Then went over list of medicine he had given him. We also went over a diet he should follow and most important drink liquids!! 

It would be about 30 minutes before they called us back to recover. I let my mom go back – his Mimi. I stayed out front with Emaleigh his little sister. She is 9 years old. 

Emaleigh of course had her tablet too hooked up to the wifi watching videos. They kept her fairly entertained most of the day we were there. 

Then she entertained herself with this frog she got like her brothers. She named it Brad. Haha not sure why but whatever – think she has watched a car commercial too much. 

My mom stayed back there in recovery till Larrmyne started going in and out asking for me. Then told her leave I want my momma not you. The nurse over him quickly came and escorted me back to where he was in recovery. Mom went to stay with Emaleigh. 

He wanted his drink (Sprite) soon as I got to the recovery room. The nurse said he had been sick to his stomach so she gave him a bag in case he got sick. 

He was in and out of it while drinking his Sprite. He did answer some questions from the nurse. 

They couldn’t get a good reading on his oxygen. It needed to be 97 and it stayed 90-95 the whole time. 

It would be 1:45 pm when they finally got Larrmyne to sit up and start moving around some so he could put on his clothes. We were out of there by 1:56 pm. 

They wheeled him out in a wheel chair and helped him into the Ford Escape. Once in and buckled up his sister said “how do you feel?” He said “ok.” Then he was fairly quiet on the way home. 
My mother went to fill his medicine and get him some food he could eat easily yogurt, frozen yogurt, outshine pops, Sprite, Gatorade, water bottles, crushed ice, pudding, jello, mac and cheese, and etc. 

Larrmyne grabbed his cup of Sprite and my DVD of Reba seasons and went to his room. He got me to put the DVD into the player and grab his ninja turtle blanket. I done all of that. 

He rested for a while and then got up came into kitchen and asked me for something to eat. I asked what he wanted. He said I don’t know I’m just hungry. I offered him a vanilla pudding so he took it. 

He ate the whole thing and told me it tasted good and didn’t mess with his throat. 

It was about an hour before my mom came home from getting medicine filled and groceries. I figured it was going to be a mad house with it being close to the holiday. Guess what – I wasn’t wrong! She told me she nearly got into two fights one over the blue gateorade and another over something else. The manager ended up giving her some stuff for my son because he wanted him to feel better. That was sweet of him and the deli sent the ice to him for free so he could have his favorite crushed ice. 

I gave Larrmyne his medicine which are all liquids and just FYI he doesn’t like liquid medicine of any kind. This part was a challenge. He finally took it though – thankfully. 

We sat down to eat hamburgers for dinner but Larrmyne couldn’t eat them so he had some Mac and cheese. I fixed it but then he said no he wanted peach frozen yogurt. Well during dinner he got sick and threw up in the bathroom. I can only imagine how this hurt him 😦 he kept telling me he felt better though. Then about 10 minutes later he came to sit down at table. He ate the peach frozen yogurt, Mac and cheese, inside of some tater tots (he never eats those so it shocked me) and drank some gateorade. He wanted a piece of bacon but I was too scared it would scratch his throat so I had to tell him no. I know it broke his heart 😦 he said he understood though. I promised I would buy more in a few days so he said “ok.” 

Then at 7:00 I went to turn on the heater to warm up the house. It wouldn’t come on then it flickered. Then pilot wouldn’t turn on. I had to call a repair man but he couldn’t get it to do anything either. I had to end up call another one who is a husband of my friend Sandy. Thankfully it’s not cold in the house tonight so we will be fine. I said he could come tomorrow so fingers crossed he can fix it. 

My son got up out of bed for a while and played on his tablet for a while. 

Then about 9 pm told me he was tired again. I gave him his meds and we all went to bed. 

It’s been a long and exhausting day for all of us. I’m heading to bed myself here in a few minutes.. I just wanted to update this blog post for anyone who is keeping up with Larrmyne. 

One last thing before we went to bed tonight he wanted me to see how many times they poked him before they got an IV started. 

This was just the back side. The fronts had about 5 sticks on them also. OUCH!! I told him he would be ok but next time we know he is a hard stick for an IV. 

I’m ending this blog post for now. I will be back tomorrow with updates 🙂 goodnight everyone. 

GOOD MORNING!!! It’s Tuesday November 22nd, 2016 – we woke up bright and early to hear Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood World Tour be announced for Feb 4th at FedEx forum in Memphis, TN. We have been waiting on this announcement for a year or more. Finally it happened this morning. Tickets go on sale December 2nd, 2016 at 10 am sharp. You can only order at Ticketmaster no going to box office. I guess I will have both my laptops up and running praying for the best. I will let you all know how it goes. 

Larrmyne doesn’t feel too great this morning. His throat is really hurting. He drank stuff all night and took pain meds. Then this morning I gave him his pain meds. He said he isn’t hungry. The drinking is going well though so least he is staying hydrated. Later on I will try and push some food on him and get him to eat something so he can take his meds. I don’t want him getting sick if he hasn’t ate anything. It’s still early though only 9 am. 

He has no voice really today. His tongue is really swollen. I told him that’s normal and it will go down in a few days. He is laying in his bed continuing to watch Reba. I have the whole collection so I guess he will binge watch them while getting better. It’s perfectly fine by me whatever he wants to do. 

No pictures as of yet he just isn’t feeling well enough for me to even snap photos. Hopefully I can take a few later when he is up moving about. 

Larrmyne finally got up out of bed and wanted to go see the new road the county is putting down outside. I can’t stand the smell but I did walk outside with him. 

He wasn’t too happy today with me snapping photos. I don’t guess because he didn’t feel so good. Totally understandable though. I finally shut off my camera sound and snuck a few photos in here and there. 

He is keeping his fluids down and no we didn’t realize it at the time his middle finger was up. Oops! 

We went inside from looking at the road and he decided to color while the spaghetti was cooking on the stove. Larrmyne opted to rather have cottage cheese. He did want to see if he could eat the spaghetti but his tongue is too swollen. Told me it didn’t feel right when he ate it. I remember eating it a few days after surgery but mine was out of the fridge cold. 

Later in the day he wanted some warm hot coco. It was barley warmed up mostly on the cooler side instead of warmer hot side. He used his cup Kimberly sent him last Christmas its ninja turtles. 

Around 4:30ish we walked next door to see some puppies a dog had a few weeks ago. Oh they were so cute, fluffy, and frisky. Larrmyne enjoyed getting out of the house again for a bit. 

Then around 6 pm I noticed he was flushed and warm. I took his temp and it was around 101-102 and between. I gave him some Tylenol as it was almost time for it again liking ten minutes. Then gave him a cool rag for his head hoping to bring down the temp. We even walked outside where it was cooler for a few minutes. 

It finally started to come back down around 9 pm where a temp is suppose to be 98.7 whew – it scared me there for a few. I gave him his antibiotic and we headed to bed. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 

GOOD MORNING!!! We are one day away from Black Friday. 

Larrmyne  is still asleeping right now at 8:15 am. He moaned, groaned, and made strange sounds all night long. I’m extremely tired now from trying to check on him to make sure he was ok. Least he is sleeping good now without making those sounds.

We always watch the Charlie Brown classics. I hope Larrmyne is up to watching it tonight. 

He woke up about 9 am barely able to speak this morning. He said it’s hurting worse today. I finally got him to drink some Sprite and it has helped some. Earlier he told me “get out of my room I hate you.” I thought wow! I’m sure it’s because he doesn’t feel good. He has watched one full season of Reba. He won’t eat right now but has taken his medicine. I guess like the doctor said long as he is drinking it doesn’t matter about the eating. I checked his weight earlier it was 145.6 lbs when he had surgery and today it’s 142 lbs. Hopefully he will eat later on today. 

Larrmyne spent most of the day in the bed watching Reba. He didn’t feel too well most of the day. Once he did get up he just had to have a brownie snack cake. I know the photo below will show nuts but he didn’t eat those. He picked out the nuts and tossed them in trash. I’m still shocked he coul swallow it. 

It was around 6 pm and he started to feel more like his self. We laid down and watched the Amazon original tv show Just Add Magic second season which was only one episode. 

It’s a bit after 10 pm. We are heading to bed. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Black Friday starts. Whew this year has flown by … can you believe it? 

Thursday November 24th, 2016 

Today is Thanksgiving and the start of Black Friday … We already had our Thanksgiving feast last Saturday but we are cooking a smaller meal today. The Macy’s day parade is playing. I can hear “the candy man” play as I write this. One of my favorite songs. 

Larrmyne woke up talking and telling me he felt ok this morning. He is ready to go shopping with me later today. I knew nothing could keep my son away from our tradition. 

He has taken his medicine this morning and ate some vanilla pudding. He is slowly eating stuff but mostly drinking fluids. 

I bet y’all are wondering why I’m not talking about my daughter any more so I will add that in here … Emaleigh went to to her father’s family place for the Thanksgiving holiday. She will be back Saturday evening. 


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