Premium quality white mesh laundry bags (Review)

This set of 5 mesh laundry bags (1 small, 2 mediums and 2 large) these are an incredible value. I’m a mom so I feel like I’m constantly doing laundry. I believe I do about three loads a day. 

When sorting my laundry out before loading it into the washer. I always separate certain things. I put my socks, thin blouses, panties, delicates and etc in bags. I love them because the design of these make it easy to do laundry now and know it’s protected. 

These laundry bags are made of a high quality mesh fabric. It’s easily seen how it will wash and get your items clean so no worries about how it will do in washer. The zippers are well made and durable. I love that they are different colors which help me when I’m grabbing a bag wondering what did I put inside. They come in an assortement of different size bags. 

These bags don’t open when being washed through a load of laundry so no worries about the clothes being ruined. I’ve even tossed some items in them that say hand wash only. Yes I must be brave to do this but why not? It didn’t hurt the items at all. They came out of the wash perfectly intact in the bag. 

I no longer lose my socks. Have any of you had that problem? You know you put both pair into the washer and somehow at the end of washing / drying you only end up with ONE lonely sock. Well now I can honestly say both of mine come out together from the bag. The pair now stays together. 

These are great if you have baby clothes too. They work perfectly for keeping up with all the small items. 

I highly recommend these for everyone as I’m using them daily when I’m washing laundry. They are truly the best inventions ever. 

I received these as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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