Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Massager (REVIEW)

This sexual toy come in a nice black box. You don’t have to worry if you open the main package around someone. They won’t know what it is long as you don’t open the little black box. I love that it arrives this way. It’s also a nice storage box for later. Then if you are ordering to pass it on as a gift well it’s perfect. You will just need a gift bag of some sort and it’s ready. Well this one was for me 🙂 

Once I opened the little black box I clean the vibrator with cleaning toy spray. I highly recommend clean the toy before each use and after. This will just cut down on germs and etc. 

I began to test out the vibrator and could tell it wasn’t the perfect toy for me. However I’m not use to one shaped this way so it took a bit of adjusting to it. 

This vibrator “rabbit” really wasn’t shaped right to do exactly what I expected it to do. I couldn’t get it to hit my gspot every time. It took a bit working with it to make a difference. The speeds are a nice touch to it and you can pick the one that best fits your own preference. You have 7 different speeds – yes do something for everyone. I have to play around with them each time I play as it depends on my mood. This is a toy I used alone the first few times. I don’t let the boyfriend have the pleasure of playing with me with it .. yet! Maybe one day but I want to get use to it before that occurs. The light stays on while the vibrator is in use. This part was kind of neat to me because it switches colors. If you are worried the light really isn’t bright at all. It won’t mess with you and how you get off or least it didn’t effect me. I also didn’t expect it to be kind of loud. It’s fairly quiet at night time around the house and it was a bit louder than expected. I can shut the door and you can’t hear it though so that’s the good news. 

I did like the fact that it has a rechargeable battery. I wonder how long it will work. I guess I will wait and see. Rechargeable batteries like that tend not to last a long time. I usually like using my own batteries in toys. 


*Nice and soft

*7 speeds to choose from

*Light that stays on that switches colors when in use

*Waterproof (don’t emerge in water but using in shower is fine)

*Rechargeable battery

*Comes in a black box which keeps it hidden and safe. 

*Easy to clean up before and after 

*Good for couples and or single women to play around and explore with.


*Couldn’t get it into a comfortable position without playing around each time with it

*Somewhat louder vibration than I’m use to

Overall; This is a good toy for couples wanting to spice up the sex life. Then again it could be for the single ladies wanting to explore and have some fun alone. Either way just make sure before each use and after to clean the toy. Enjoy the fun! Happy vibrations 🙂 

I received this as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! 


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