4D Blocks (Review) 

This 4D block set arrived quickly in the mail. The box is attractive, colorful, lots of information and catches any child’s attention. 

My children love to build things and with this set of 4D blocks which has 40 pieces it’s easy to get creative and build. 2 wheels to build moveable cars and such, and 38 building pieces in different shapes. They loved the hands on experience of building all kinds of things from the booklet included. These pieces are easy to connect as it’s magnetic pieces which help you build and rebuild into whatever you can think of next. I even sat in the floor playing with these with my children for a few hours. It was fun and relaxing. 

I love how they feel, look, the colors, how they fit into even the smallest hands. They aren’t hard to put together or get apart. 

My son loved building the cars/trucks, rockets and crazy shapes. My daughter loved building what looked to be a house and a smaller car. My children both give the product a thumbs up. They even asked me to order another set before Christmas so they could have more than 40 pieces. I might just do that. These make me excited about building and watching what my children will create next time. 

I also love how easy the clean up is for these 4D blocks. The box they arrived inside of is great for keeping them inside of when not using them. 

Overall; This is a wonderful product that all kids will love it says 3+ on age group. It can go for either a boy or girl. I love all the different things you can build with the 4D blocks. It’s really endless possibilities. The 4D blocks will help with hand and eye coordination. I personally don’t have to look any further for a Christmas gift this holiday season. This is perfect! I’m adding a few to my Christmas list now. I will also be buying a couple as birthday gifts next year for friends children so it can grow with them. I love toys like this.

I received this product as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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