Beach Bomb Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker (Review) 

I’m always picky about Buetooth speakers because I like durable, heavy, well built, waterproof, shock proof and dust proof. This one is perfect for all my wants and needs. I can use it in the house, outside, when I’m in shower, while I take a bubble bath, or even put by the pool. Now I don’t think its waterproof enough to go dunk it into the pool, water, or even the tub. However if it get a bit on it then it won’t hurt it. 

It’s easy to connect to my phone’s Bluetooth and only took a matter of seconds. I didn’t need any special code. I paired them up and it was playing my pandora station in seconds. The sound coming out is clear and really well heard with no static. The volume turns up and down with ease. However if you turn it up louder than usual now that does eat at the battery life. I keep mine medium on volume unless we are outside and kids are louder than normal. Then we do crank it up and let it be louder than normal. 

The battery life is good for about 8 hours for me and I’ve never really let it completely die before recharging it. The power cords to charge it all come with it inside of the box. I personally charge mine up at night and then take it off charger in early morning. Then if I don’t use it much that day I wait until I use it more before I recharge it. 

Overall; I’m personally loving this Bluetooth speaker as it fits all my needs. This is a great gift to give anyone who loves music. 

I received this product as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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