Kiddie Kid Potty Training Seat (Review) 

This comes in a very attractive box and tells all about the kiddie toilet seat. It’s red and white so it’s actually gender neutral. I tried it out on both the toilets in our home to see how well the fit was and it’s pretty accurate. 

This is a great step up from your potty chair. I used that when my kids were younger to get them use to the bigger toilet. It for some reason seems scary to small children. This seat will be the perfect size so they don’t have the fear of falling into the toilet. It’s the one step between using the potty seat then on to the bigger toilet once they don’t have that fear any more. 

Kids will love this potty seat. The feel of it is nice. It’s stable on our home toilets. You may want to test yours out first before introducing it to the child. You wouldn’t want them to feel unstable or like they maybe falling when using it. The color is perfect for boys and girls as I stated above it’s gender neutral. Once a child has finished using it the seat can be cleaned up very easily. 

Overall; I give this a 4.2 on a star level of a 5 point system. I personally recommend it as the potty seat itself is of good quality. 

I received this product as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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