Magma Mitts & Grizzly Gripz by So Very Culinary Campaign (Review) 


* Perfect on the Grill or in the Kitechen

* Heat Resistant to 425ºF

* Dishwasher Safe for easy clean up

* FDA Approved

* Comfort Grip design makes these gloves easier to use than other more stiff Silicone Gloves

* Food Grade BPA Free material


* Constructed from Tough Polycarbonate materials

* Dishwasher Safe for easy clean up

* Completely BPA Free

* Heat Resistant ensuring that these claws won’t melt or warp while working with hot food

* Heavy Duty design, these Shredding Claws are larger and heavier than other meat claws

We love making pulled pork around here because well it’s the south. It’s always a task pulling apart the meat once it’s done cooking. These claws really help a lot with that prep work and me not burning my hands on the hot pork. Once all done then the wonderful tasty sauce can be added for the enriched flavor. 

Now the gloves are wonderful to have around and very helpful for when grilling. I grill a lot and yes I also smoke a lot of meats as well. I have occasionally burnt myself from time to time. Now I remember to put on gloves and these are a nice fit. They don’t feel too big or bulky. They fit my hands just right. I also like how they are textured so I don’t lose the grip of what I’m holding on to. It’s easy to hold on to a plate full of food or even transfer a pan from the smoker to the house to finish up the prep. These gloves really make the job so much easier. 

Once finished with them you can easily clean them up with warm soapy water and rinse or toss them into a dishwasher. Once all dried out you can store them away until the next time they are needed. 

Overall; I’m very impressed with this set of meat claws and grill gloves. It’s nice to have around the house for the avid griller and cook in the house. This is also a great gift idea. I know I will be using mine a lot more often. 

I received this product as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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