Christmas Hot Cocoa Gift Set For Kids (Review) 

I received this quickly in the mail after ordering it. The box was a bit bent from shipping. It’s pictured below in the photo. 

My son Larrmyne didn’t mind it one bit. He was excited to see what was inside the box. 

Once the gift set was open we found 2 packs of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, a small plastic snowflake cocoa cup – its blue so perfect for my son, a bag of mixed flavor marshmallows – add them to the cocoa to make it yummy, vanilla creme cookies, waffy vanilla wafers – which my son dearly loves and of course opened them first to snack on. Then pack of sugar sprinkled coconut cookies. 

Then he had to try the hot cocoa in the new cocoa snowflake cup. He tossed in a few marshmallows. 

The coconut flavor cookies weren’t his favorite but he did try them. 

He saved the vanilla creame cookies for his younger sister to have later when she wanted them. 

Larrmyne gave it all a thumbs up and said any child would be happy to get this gift set.

It’s a cute little gift set for any girl or boy and would be a wonderful holiday gift idea. You can order yours here

Overall; This would be so cute to get if you had guest coming by with kids for holidays. It would be the perfect little happy for them. I give it 4 stars on a five star system. 

I received this as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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