Christmas Photo Booth Props 52 Pieces (Review) 

Who likes to have fun around the holidays and take pictures? I know I do! It makes for great memories and we can look back in years to come to see all the fun we had. 

This is a set of photo booth props which are made from a good quality of thick card paper. I love the thickness and how well they will hold up no matter how many pictures you end up taking. They come with bamboo sticks and glue dots for each one. This is easy to put together but I suggest you do it before people get into the picture spirit. I know around here picture happen fast. I’ve already set mine up so all through the month of December no matter who comes in my door they can grab a funny face. Then we can get to snapping some Christmas memories. Who’s up for it? My kids couldn’t wait so below is when I was trying to put the props on the bamboo sticks and they just had to use them ahead of time. Silly kids haha but I love the photos they come out with so I kept them. I hope you all will enjoy them too. The colors are very vivid and look amazing in the photos if I do say so myself. Yes their grandmother joined in on the fun too. Haha I forgot about her. You can tell these props are big enough for kids and adults of all ages. It’s a bit of something for everyone just break out the fun and get to taking some silly photos. I’ve learned over the years the silliest photos are the ones we seem to always remember the most. 

These Christmas themed photo booth props comes in 52 pieces. Yes as I said above it something for everyone. It even comes with 4 free bonus bookmarks. Now for the Christmas photo booth props pack of 52, includes most popular Christmas ornaments, Christmas hats red Santa hat, red hat with antlers, red cone-shaped hat with star, White beard, Santa long white beard, glasses with white beard, etc. Mustaches brown, white, golden, black mustaches beard, Glasses with Christmas ornaments [red Santa hat, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Cute reindeer, snowman, etc. Also it includes most popular Christmas ornaments bell, snowman, doll, Christmas tree, lips, Bowties, candy cane, Snowflakes, Merry Christmas signs, pipe. You can totally mix and match all things the pictures are always funny, silly and sometimes super cute. Get your friends and family to join in and be totally in the Christmas spirit. Are you in? I think so! How about you order your set now? You can order here. They will arrive quickly if you have prime even before the Christmas holiday. 

Overall; This has been a blast playing around with the family, my children, and friends that have been dropping by this holiday season. You can always add a backdrop if you set up an area for that but we just do them where ever around the house. We don’t have special spots for stuff like that. This house is in the Christmas spirit. I hope you are too! 


I received this product as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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