Cute Animal Dry Erase Magnetic Calendar (Review) 

I don’t like the paper style calendars because I always seem to lose though. Then the one in my phone I never know until it pops up to reminds me. I needed something straight forward and to the point I can see each day. 

This calendar does perfectly for what I need it to be doing. It’s made from quality recycled paper and laminated. It has magnetic on the back which will ensure it stays in place on your fridge. I know mine has stayed in place since I put it up there. I must brag and say it looks amazing too! 

I hung mine on my fridge. Now I’m not known as a cat lady or anything but this does have some pretty cute cats around it for the design. It’s easy to make your own monthly planner on here along with your own personal dates where you have things to do. I know life gets crazy at times even mine and once in a while we forget where we are suppose to be at 3 pm on a Tuesday or 8 on a Friday. It happens to the best of us especially if you are working, a mom, and just stressing – ok maybe that’s just me. However this is really a cute eye catching calendar and with it hanging on my fridge it catches my eye and reminds me of those important events on the dates I’m suppose to be there. 

When you order this set you will get 3 quality markers, 2 smiling erasers, and 10 magnetic emojis to personalize your fridge decor and it will just light up your kitchen. My kids love to move the emjoli’s around the fridge. The size of this is 16”X12” it doesn’t take up too much space on fridge but does give you big enough spaces to write in so you aren’t totally cramming it all in. You are totally in control of your schedule and what you add to it. No more excuses for missing important events, dates, birthday’s or etc. 

Now I know most people wouldn’t probably think of giving a calendar for someone a gift, but this one is different. It comes inside of a gift box and everything. You can wrap it or put it into a gift bag. This is a super easy gift and everyone is always doing something so it would be a wonderful gift for anyone. 

I LOVE mine!!! I actually wrote in some more events on the calendar this morning. I had to erase a few and switch them around due to a doctor being out of town. It was no problem as it cleaned off very easily. 

I received this as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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