Women’s Faux Fur Fluffy Knit Patterned / Sequin Winter Ear Warmers (Review) 

My daughter loves to look fantastic in the winter time while protecting her ears. These beautifully sequin design earmuffs do just that. I received them in the mail a couple days before our annual Christmas parade. My daughter couldn’t wait to wear them. 

They’re ultra-soft and insulated earmuffs so they really do keep the ears nice and warm away from the cold winter air. 

The design of these is beautiful and stylish which catch anyone’s eye as the color and design stands out. I love how the sequins sparkle and shine. It really gives them a nice look. 

The lining of these is made with faux fur and the padding really adds to the extra comfort of the ears. My daughter never once complained the whole time she wore these. Once we got in the car she was telling me how warm they kept her ears and she couldn’t wait to wear them again. 

What I personally like about this set of earmuffs is the top headband area is one size. It’s not the kind that will be bigger or go smaller. It fits my daughter’s head really well and stays on and in place. We were at the Christmas parade so you know it was bending and flipping around to get the candy being thrown from floats. I never once saw her earmuffs come off. They stayed in place the whole time. She didn’t even mess with them the whole time which is kind of unusual for her since she has ear problems a good bit. 

I’m highly satisfied with these and the quality of the product. My daughter gave them a big thumbs up and loves them. They do come in different color choices so pick the one that is best for you. It’s the perfect winter accessory that will provide you the protection for your ears during the harsh cold winter months. This would also make a lovely gift idea for friends or family. My daughter already wants me to order another pair in a different color so she can switch up. 

I received these earmuffs as a sample all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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