Warm Winter Infinity Scarf (Review) 

It’s winter time in Mississippi which means it went from warm weather to REALLY cold fast.

I love a nice snuggly scarf that’s a great winter accessory to have around my neck to keep in some warmth. 

This one is a creamy color white which totally goes with everything as it’s a neutral color. 

The style which is a crochet circle scarf and very soft quality is excellent for comfort. The scarf is made out of a lightweight material so you won’t get too hot wear it even when you go shopping inside of stores or running errands around this crazy college town. I keep mine on most of the time after all it’s really eye-catching. 

It’s perfect for any occasion from a formal event, night on the town, concerts, friends, parties, of a casual day running errands. The attention and compliments are always fantastic. I love showing off my style with this fashionable long design style which can double loop around your neck or you can wear it any way you choose. I usually double loop mine for the extra warmth plus it looks extra cute too. 

Overall; I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone. I’m usually not one for infinity scarfs or them of any kind but I LOVE this one. Its totally changed my mind on a new style. 

I received my scarf as a sample and all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 


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