Rechargeable LED Motion Sensor Night Light (Review) 

I’m always bumping into things going to the bathroom at night time down the hall. Then when I actually get into the bathroom it’s dark in there too. 

These LED rechargeable night lights come in a two pack. They are easy to hang up and install with the 3M adhesive tape. I do recommend doing this on a flat surface. The light itself attaches with a magnet which holds it well and doesn’t let it fall. You can take it off and on with ease when you need to charge it. 

The lights are motion sensors. It detects when to come on when it’s movement around the light. Now once they do come on the light itself isn’t super bright so it doesn’t make it difficult to see nor interrupt sleep for a bit if it’s a night time. I have walked into bathrooms with a super bright light and went back to bed and couldn’t go to sleep for hours. These lights don’t do me that way. 

They are battery powered which is charged with a USB into charging port. This keep you away from having to search for batteries, buy batteries, or the light going dead because batteries aren’t any good. I do recommend charging it before use and maybe once a week depending how much you use the light you may need to charge it more often. I personally won’t be using it that much due to it being in my hallway and bathroom. 

I like how each light has three switch modes which include on/off/auto which is great and fits everyone’s personal needs. You will personally need to choose which one is best for you. 

These lights have many uses it’s up to you where you place them. I LOVE that I purchased these for my home. 

The only downfall I had to these lights is I wonder how long the 3M adhesive tape will stay stuck in bathroom. Guess I will wait and see maybe it will last a while. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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