Ceramic Knife Set (Review) 

This knife set arrives in a nice gift box. The set includes; 6″ Chef Knife, 5″ Utility Knife, 4″ Fruit Knife, 3″ Paring Knife, One Peeler. 

I like how the handles of the knifes fit into my hand. They feel lightweight and won’t make the hand hurt using them for a while. The knives are made from ceramic. This means they are rust proof and should last a long time to come. I have been using mine in the kitchen here at my home. It makes meal prep so much easier on me. 

Earlier I was making me a fresh fruit salad and using the 4″ knife to slice my fruit. This worked perfectly. I’ve been trying to eat healthier here lately once I was scared with some recent test coming back bit so great. 

The peeler is good for the kids apples they want after school. It peels them fairly nicely and takes a little bit of time but a lot less work than me using a knife to do it. My kids can even use the peeler themselves and keeps them busy for a bit. Then after they finished with it enjoying the apple is the best part to them. 

These knives are a nice set and would make a great gift idea for someone. If I personally had to rate them I would give them a 4 star on a 5 star system. I could see using these in my kitchen for a while. I do see how maybe the handles could cause some problems as one of my knives is already seeming loose but it’s nothing too bad. I like my set and can’t wait to use it more. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


One thought on “Ceramic Knife Set (Review) 

  1. Hi Raina, I have found your blog from tomoson, you have posted some honest review about some knives. Actually, I am looking for a tactical folding knife for everyday carry. If you have any product review about it, please reply me with the link.


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