Double Dog Leash Two Dogs,Focuspet 2 Way No-Tangle Coupler Double Pet Dog Lead Leash 2 Twin Large Medium Small Dogs 54 Inch Long (Review) 

I love walking my dogs as it gets them exercise they need plus gives me a nice exercise time too. I love using this double leash for my dogs as now I don’t have to carry one in both hands. Then no worries about them being tangled up together. This leash is made from cotton and really nice. The clip is also well made that clips to the dogs collar. No matter how hard they pull it doesn’t break and it swivels too so that helps. The handle I hold on to is comfortable to my hand and doesn’t burn if the dogs decide to run after a cat or squirrel in our neighborhood. Yes it totally happens from time to time. I haven’t had any problems with my dog’s getting tangled up as we walk. They seem to like these leash really well. I may start talking this to the local humane shelter when I volunteer to walk their dogs as well. I think it would work great for them also. 

I highly recommend this double leash as it’s a neutral color so it could go boy or girl dog. I’m totally picky about that too – surely I can’t be the only one. It works fantastic for what it’s made to do. The best size dog it works for is the small of medium breed. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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