Lifewit Dog Toy Cotton Dental Teaser Rope Chew Teeth Cleaning Toy (Review)

I have two dogs one is a husky wolf mix and my other is a chihuahua. They both love playing with toys but mainly my chihuahua names Turkey. 
I was super excited to get this toy for the dogs to have something new. Plus it was perfect for them this Christmas with the colors of green and red. This also can go gender neutral if you are picky on what color toys to order for your pet. I know I’m like that also. 

It doesn’t have a toxic smell or any smell at all when it arrived to the house. It feels nicely made and durable. The rope part is made out of cotton and is good for like tug or war with the dog when playing. I love playing that with my dog Turkey (chihuahua). She will play it long as you play with her. You can also toss it and she will run and go get it. This helps run off the extra energy and also keeps her healthy. The middle piece of the toy is made of a natural rubber which is nicely put together with no rough edges. 

This dog toy is great for the dogs dental health whether the dog is in teething stages. We all know that stage where everything is chewed on in sight – hopefully just toys such as this one. It also helps with removing tartar from the chewing rope part of it. 

This is easy to clean up simply just rinse this toy with water and towel dry it. No need for soap and water. Remember it is a dog toy. 

Overall; Turkey loves her new toy and is enjoy playing with it either with me, kids or by herself. Great to have so she isn’t trying to chew my new tennis shoes. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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