100% Natural Boar Bristles Flend Bath and Shower Brush with Dual Head (Skin Brushing + Cellulite Massage)+Facial Complexion Brush+Detangling Hair Brush, Complete Wooden Brush Set in Gift Box (Review)

I order this brush gift set as I was needed a new body brush for my back in the shower. I was getting pimples again back there. I know gross! I hate back acne it’s like so not my thing. I knew something had to be done. My face is also starting to get acne and the face brush is good for cleansing that skin also. It’s not too rough when used with cleaner on it. I always run the body (back) brush and face brush under hot water a few minutes before adding shower gel / cleaning face stuff to them. The set also comes with a hair brush which is great for detangling your hair. I know my is LONG and THICK! It gets major tangles in it when I wash it. Other brushes tend to break some of my hair. I don’t like that happening. I want my hair looking great and healthy. I personally love this brush – it also comes with extra bristles you can add to it in case you lose a couple of yours. 

Once this gift set arrive I fully checked it out and noticed the body and face brush are made from 100% natural premium high quality bristle. It feels rather rough to the feel but once you add bath / shower gel / face cleaner to them they get a bit softer in shower. It’s great to use daily for cleansing and gentle exfoliation. The boar’s hair bristles will naturally exfoliate away oil and dirt by revealing newer skin cells. 

I’m sure you are wondering why you should order this brush gift set. I will tell you; the Flend brush is Specially Designed to boost your blood circulation to your cells and restore skin vitality. 


Using Flend Brushes brings all these Benefits : 
✓ Speeding up Cell Rejuvenation, giving you younger and more vibrant looking skin and reversing the effect of aging. 

✓ Giving you brighter complexion which look refreshed rather than gray and dingy by improving circulation to the surface of the skin and giving you a rosy glow. 

✓ Strengthening the skin structure. 

✓ Giving you softer, smoother skin by removing dead skin. 

✓ Preventing clogged pores which can leads to blackheads and other skin problem. Your skin will be less prone to breakouts. 

Besides body and face brush, this set includes an extra beautifully handmade MASSAGE HAIR BRUSH, which provides gentle wooden bristles and soft rubber pad, ideal for detangling, smoothing, and grooming all types of medium to very long hair. The bristles are also tipped with round, molded balls to help prevent breakage and split ends. Regular brushing will set hair to its naturally soft, lustrous sheen – healthier, more manageable, easier to style. (Replacement bristles included.) 


If the Boar Bristle Too Hard, please put the brush in hot water for 1 to 2 minutes to soften the bristles before using it. 

Overall; I’m highly impressed with my brush sets it’s very good and highly useful for myself. If you need a good body, face and hair brush – this is it. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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