ANGVNS 5Women’s Round Neck 3/4 Sleeve High Waist Style W/ Floral Layer Wedding Cocktail Dress (Review)

It is beautiful black color dress with another pattern of flowers on bottom. It’s just a little bit large on my daughter but she LOVES it!! 
The dress is quite heavy with 2 thick layers, bottom which is a white piece with flowers on it. My daughter likes how easy it is to put on with zipper in back. It makes it a more nice fitting dress on her. She is thrilled about having it this winter to wear. She said I’m going to pair it with my boots. 
You can order this dress in different colors which also come with different flower patterns on the flow part of dress. I personally ordered the black dress for my daughter. It’s exactly like pictured on the product page. The dress itself is well put together and sewed really good. I didn’t notice any lose strings on it. I went around it really well as my grandmother was a streamstress and always taught me to look really well at any article of clothing I’m buying. The material itself is very stretchy, but comfortable when you wear it. 
I washed it after my daughter wore it and nicely placed into a laundry bag into the washer. I didn’t want to risk the bottom flow ripping off the bottom or something. She would have been totally heartbroken. It worked out fine washing in laundry bag. Once out of washer I hung it up to dry. The next day I tossed into dryer for a few minutes to make sure it was throughly dried due to it being thicker material. I didn’t notice much of shrinkage happening after it was washed if you ask me it might have fit a tad bit better. 
You can wear this dress out for an evening with friends, to a bar, concert, or etc. It’s up to you. My daughter just loves wearing it out with her girls to go to movies and etc. 

I received this dress as a sample and all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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