Bedspread Coverlet Set (Review) 

This bedspread coverlet set arrived quickly in the mail after ordering it. The picture when ordering is perfect and exactly the same color you will get when it arrives. I totally love this color of spa blue. It goes fantastic with my music room and dark brown curtains. Now I personally ordered the king size as I always do for my queen size bed. Yes I like things bigger and to hang over. This one is HUGE!! Let me tell you when it says oversized it honestly means it. Thankfully I have some bed risers on my bed so it’s not too bad hanging over the sides. I love the print on it but noticed it’s not really sew in it but rather as my grandmother said heat stamped. It’s beautifully designed either way it goes. I love it! The thickness of it does seem a bit thin but I’m not fussing one bit as I can use it in winter and summer months. I live in Mississippi so we have HOT summers and MILD winters. It will be perfect for both times. Plus it looks great in my room. I’m working on redoing my room so I’m thrilled to have this new bedspread coverlet set. Oh the Shams are just as beautiful also. I need to buy new fluffy pillows for them so they will look even better. 

Overall; happy with this wonderful bedspread coverlet set and the style of it. This is perfect for the master bedroom or even a guest room. You won’t be disappointed when you order it. I would even suggest this being a gift idea for someone. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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