iPhone 7 Plus Armband,SPARIN Exclusive Armband for iPhone 7 Plus / 6S Plus / 6 Plus with [ Cicular Cutout for Home Button] [Free Extension Band] [5.5-Inch] (Review)

I like going to walks, jogs, running early mornings. It works great for holding my phone which is a iPhone 6s. It doesn’t fit inside with a outterbox but it does fine with it outside of it. The band fits my arm ok but doesn’t have much of a give to it. I had to personally use the extender band on it to make it a bit bigger. I like being able to move a bit not just super tight on my arm. Now my arm is a bit bigger but that shouldn’t matter. However the place for earbuds makes it impossible to use unless I’m with my wireless set. I don’t mind using my wireless set but I sometimes forget to charge them up at night time. I like the regular earbuds better to grab and go. I need my music when I’m walking to keep me focused on what I’m doing. It just has some downfalls to the product. You get what you pay for basically. It’s not an over the top product but it’s not horrible either. If you want a nice arm band that holds cell phone and use wireless earbuds order this one. Otherwise keep searching for another one.

You can order it here

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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