Mospro Ultrasonic Humidifier (Review)

This humidifier has a nice shape to it. I love the color and it’s bigger than I had originally thought. The led lights are nice to have and easy to use. You can alternate the colors and it’s seven of them total. It’s super quiet when running at night time. I like how easy it is to fill. The best part you can put essential aroma oil into it – love lavender at night time. The smell helps to relax me. I turn it on at night time and it runs about 8 hours. The mist comes out two nozzles it’s sprays out two different directions at once this is nice. After it runs it does have an auto shut off but it leaves some water in bottom. I guess it does this so it doesn’t burn out. I did personally find some flaws with it which makes me mark it as a 3 star on a 5 star system. It’s not perfect and can make a mess if you aren’t careful. The base of it can spill easily if you have the tank off of it. I didn’t like this because it makes it more of a hassle. 

Overall; It’s nice but it has its flaws and could be improved. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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