Esonstyle Bluetooth Headphones (Review)

This is a great headset to have around. It’s easy to charge up. The sync part worked easily with my iPhone. I can use these when I’m heading to gym or walking track. My sweat doesn’t bother them if it gets on them which is a huge plus for me. If I get tired of wearing them and just want a break I can take them off and wear it like a necklace. 

I don’t use mine for hands free calling but it works for that too. I’m just not big on talking on the phone unless I just need to conduct business. I did test it out and it’s easy to use and cancels out the noise around you. 

I mainly use mine for music which with a full battery charge can run about 6 hours before it needs another charge. I did notice if I crank it up louder than normal the battery seems to drain down faster. I clean them up when I get home from gym or track and charge them. The charge time is usually about two hours for a full charge up. 

I like how it came with different ear pieces so I can switch mine out if my son wants to use them for music. He has basically taken them over lately. I think I will eventually get him a pair also. 

Overall; highly impressed and they work for my personal needs. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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