Marswell Led Nightlight Charging Plug (Review)

When I first got this turtle night light my exact thoughts were I can’t possibly use this in the US. The reason being it didn’t have the US electrical plugs. I looked for my older adapter and couldn’t find it. I just put it to the side until I had time to go digging. Then a couple days after receiving the turtle night night I got an adapter in mail. How cool was that? However I do believe it should have been shipped with it to begin with so customers don’t freak like I sort of did at first. My son love it beside his bed because it has not only the night light which you can turn off, on, and control the brightness of … but it also has a two places on the turtle feet for USB. This means he can enjoy his night light and charge up his tablets, game handheld system, phone, iPod and etc. He has it in arms reach and totally in control of it all. Then it has a spot on the back where you can plug something into if you want. My son doesn’t mess with that spot on the two USB spots. He loves it and I’m glad that we can finally use the product. 

Overall; I have to give it 3.5 stars because the adapter should be shipped with the product not days later. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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