Albrillo Table Lamps, Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp Vase with Remote Control, Rechargeable, Dimmable Color Changing RGB (Review) 

This is not just a lamp but also a vase. I keep it on my work desk. I have pens in it that have flower tops. You would think it’s just artificial flowers until you pull on out. It’s perfect for that and plus the flowers being artificial I didn’t have to add water to my vase. It’s glass not plastic so please do note that before ordering it. You can operate it using the remote it comes with or by lightly touching it. You can cycle through the seven colors, change the brightness or just keep it on your favorite color. I love keeping mine on blue as it’s one of my favorite colors. Then sometimes I do switch it up. I haven’t noticed it getting hot or warm from running the light. It’s easy to charge it up and once charged it stays for many hours. I’ve never timed it or anything as I turn it off when I leave my office. I want to get another for my living room. I think it makes a great center piece. It could also be given as a gift. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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