Heart Rate Monitor, Smart Fitness Band Black Campaign (Review)

I’ve been trying to get back healthy. I figured I would get a Fitbit but once looking online I see this does most everything a Fitbit can do. I ordered this Smart Band and received it rather quickly in the mail. I charged it up a full charge and believe me the battery last a long time. I looked for it to run down like my cell phone battery but it doesn’t. It has stayed well charged and it’s been going a good six days. I will need to charge it up tonight before heading to bed. 

I like how I can pair this with my iPhone. It’s super easy when pairing it and I had no problems. It took less than two minutes. The screen on it is easy to read, move, and set it up to fit your own personal needs. It doesn’t irritate my wrist when I’m wearing it during the day or even when I’m working out. This has a setting on it which I totally am a huge fan of “Do Not Distrub.” It’s my favorite setting when I’m working out as I like to be on my own personal zone. The screen itself can be read horizontal or vertical it’s your preference on which way to switch the screen. It has a power on and off. You can track your sleep, distance, and 24 hr heart rate, it has a calorie counter and pedometer. You charge it using a regular USB charging port and it has a long battery life. I like that so I’m not charging it daily. You can take the time to sync it with call, text messages, your personal alarms, wechat, social apps, schedule, time/date, display, language, SNS alerts which include your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and etc. I know everyone likes social media so we have to stay connected. 

Overall; it’s all I needed and well worth the money spent on it. I recommend it for adults, teens and etc. This works great for me and now I don’t need to get a Fitbit! 



• APP: Zeroner Health 

• Bluetooth Version: BLE 4.0 

• Special Feature: USB Charger 

• Bluetooth Range: Up to 33FT / 10 Meters 

• Water Resistant Level: IPX67 

• Sensor: Heart Rate 

• Control: Touch Sensor, Gesture Control 

• Battery Capacity: 75 mAh, Last 5-7 Days per Charge 

• Charge Time: About 1.5 hour 

• Screen: 0.96 inch, OLED 

• Band Clasp Type: Buckle 


• Strap Material: TPU 

• Case: Plastic 

• Min and Max Perimeter to Fit Wrist: 6.30 – 8.86 inch / 16 – 22.5 cm (Buckle to Hole) 

• Band Length: 9.45 inch / 24 cm 

• Band Width: 0.75 inch / 1.90 cm 

• Thickness: 0.31 inch / 0.8 cm 

• Product Weight: 0.78 Oz / 22 g 

What Is In The Package

• Heart Rate Monitoring Wrist Band x 1 

• User Manual x 1

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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