All The Things Professional Makeup Case Extra Large 14 Inches (Review)

This is a professional makeup case and it holds all my beauty cosmetics. The case itself is stylishly custom and a full 14 inches – has a variety of customizable compartments for you to place your items inside. I love this the most as I have so much stuff. I never know where to put it. This is HUGE for me because now I have everything in one spot. Its been a few times having to search for this or that. I have lost stuff in the past and searched for hours looking for it. Now it shouldn’t be a problem. I put everything inside and believe me I still have room left over. This just makes me want to go buy more to add to it. I’m sure I will in time but going to enjoy the nice space for now. Once I put everything inside I can secure it with the lock on it. This has a key and all – yes very professional. No one messing with my make up any more but me! 

Overall; a great professional makeup case that gives you the control of everything. You have the ability to customize it to fit your needs. You’ll love how it stays organized and in place. The top handle is great too if you travel around. Once opened you will have everything on display in front of you. The best part is the lock. Loving mine and highly recommend it to everyone. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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