Pedi Roller Foot File Callus Remover Replacement Heads Made of Stone (Review) 

I personally can’t stand anyone touching my feet. It just grosses me out. I don’t go to salons to get rid of my dry and calloused feet. Maybe you do? Well I found a cheaper and less gross way per me not liking people touching my feet. This instant beautiful and soft feet pedi rollers by naturally 30. It’s simple to use and gets rid of all the dead skin in no time that’s on my feet. My big toe seems to have the most. My heels do if I don’t wear shoes and only want to rock sandals or flip flops. Let’s be honest who wants to see feet that are gross looking? No one! This tool is easy to use and rejuvenates the skin. You just gently use it and it buffs the old skin away. I do this outside most of time as it flys in the air. I don’t want the tiny particles of dry skin in my house. Can you imagine – gross! However it does effectively work by buffing rough, dry and hard calloused skin away. My heels are instantly smooth by using this tool. I have it in hands reach and it comes in very conveniently each week. I use it two or three times a week. I keep my feet looking good so if it’s a warm day I can wear flip flops or sandals without problems. I don’t worry who are looking at my feet. You can buy other heads for this tool and keep using it for many uses. I love mine and how it keeps my feet looking. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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