EmaLeigh’s First Chick-fil-a Father Daughter Princess Ball … 

Emaleigh is my daughter and she can’t wait to attend the Chick-fil-a Father Daughter Princess Ball tomorrow night. It’s being held in our hometown of Oxford, Ms at a beautiful venue called The Jefferson. 

I posted these two dresses pictured below on Twitter and Instagram. I let my followers pick which dress they liked best. The light blue / green color one got picked with the most likes. 

This afternoon after school I had Emaleigh to try on the dress. She told me she wanted her hair up in a bun. I told her I’d try my best. I must say I didn’t do too bad of job. I didn’t load it down with hair spray or even freeze spray. She just wanted to see what it would look like for tomorrow night. I did lightly spray it. This maybe way you can see some piece poking out in the photos. Yes I’m picky haha but again – why load the hair with hair spray when it’s just to see before the real thing tomorrow night. I will add the photos below of Emaleigh in the dress and with her hair put up. 

She texted her father the photos and he didn’t agree with the hair being up. He would rather her wear it down. I guess tomorrow night she will have a new look. However for tonight she enjoyed her hair being the way she wanted for a little while. 

I will add the pictures of her tomorrow night below here. I told her all that matter is her having a fun filled night like any princess. It’s her first dance. You can only imagine how excited she is right now. 

TONIGHT was the Princess Ball. They didn’t except what would soon be a mess. Traffic went for days on the highway. The road getting to the place was muddy. This was because it had rained earlier in the day. Some parents gave up and just took the children out to eat or do something different. I’m will add the news story here soon. You will have to check out video of the traffic to get a good idea what happened. 

However Emaleigh made it to the ball. Her hair was left down per her father’s choice. 

Please keep in mind that the ball room was dark so this isn’t the best of photos. Then a couple were from photo booth where you could take pictures. The theme was Be Our Guest from Disney Beauty & The Beast. 

Overall even though it was filled with guest and elbow to elbow by the end of the night. Emaleigh said “It was a fun night and I was happy just to attend. The food was fantastic. I also saw some of my friends. I danced with them on some of the songs that were being played.” 

Guess the bottom line is long as Emaleigh had a good time that’s all that really mattered. 


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