INNX Ultra Soft Memory Foam Pillow, Standard, 21.5″x13.7″x4.5″ (Review) 

21.5″L x 13.7″W x 4.5″H standard size memory foam pillow. It arrived inside of a flat box. Once opened it was nicely inside of plastic. Then when I got it out a smell hit me straight in the face like bam! The outside pillow cover part can be removed and washed. I did this and it held up well in washing / drying. Whew the inside of pillow had to air out three days before I could put it on my bed to use. The good news is the smell is now subsided and I can sleep on it. 

I put a regular size pillow case on it but the pillow itself seems a bit flatter than what I’m personally use to on my bed. Once I used it I could tell a bit of a difference in my neck the next morning. It doesn’t ache like it has been sort of like a crick in it. This pillow does provide a good night rest. However I did notice that if I move in my sleep which I sometimes do it has a place where my head has been. I don’t personally like how it does that. Once it’s not used for a few minutes it will go back to how it was before I laid down on it. 

Overall; The pillow is good and I’ve been using it – plus side is my neck isn’t hurting as bad any more the next morning. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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