Sketchbook Set: 2 Small Sketch Pads Perfect for Kids! (Review) 

My daughter loves to draw so I figured this set of two sketch books would be perfect for her. 

My daughters intake on these; She said the paper size is nice, hardcover will protect the drawings inside, the spiral is nicely done, the weight of paper is good. The drawings she done looked really good on the paper. I posted one above for all of you to see. She wasn’t done with it but it was enough for you to see her work being done. She will use these and draw in them until they are full. Her comments on it “I give theses a big thumbs up!” 

Now for my intake on these sketch pads. They are smaller in size which is great for my daughter who can carry them in backpack, have them at home, use in art class at school, or sketch on trips. The size of them is only 5.6 in. X 8.18 in in size so keep this in mind if you are ordering. You will get 50 sheets in each. However if you use the front and back it’s 100 sheets. My child only uses the front side of pages because she believes her work can be framed later on. The front of the sketch books are hardcovers which are nice. The pages are acid-free. I love that my daughter loves to get creative and make her work come to life. When she is done sketching or drawing she always wanting to color some of it in on these pages you can use; pencils, gel pens, regular pens, ink, markers, crayons, color pencils, charcoal which is a favorite of my daughter’s. Overall it’s a great buy since it comes two in the pack. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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