Home Pregnancy Test by Complete Circle Health (Review) 

I’ve often wondered if one pregnancy test is better than another. This kit comes 3 individually wrapped tests. Honestly it’s cheaper to buy it this way than at the store unless in a rush and buy the dollar ones. These test I like because not only is it 3 to the pack which for me means I can test on the day I miss my monthly, a week after and a few days after that. However my cycle is perfect so if I miss it by two days I know I’m expecting like with my other three children. I did see on the package you can use it 6 days before missed monthly so that may work for you also depending how much of the hgc hormone is showing in the urine at the time of test. These test have a nice grip at the end so it’s easy for you to hold on to and it won’t slip out of your had. Now you can pee straight stream on these or use a new cup that can be tossed into trash after you pee in it. Then you can dip your pregnancy test into it that way. It’s purely up to you which style you choose to do. However for me I use small medicine cups because they are easy to handle and toss away after the use. Once you get a read on your test which should only take a minute or so to become one or two lines. The one line is for negative and if it appears with two lines congrats you are positive and expecting. 

I highly suggest using first urine of the morning because it’s more likely to give you an accurate reading. I’ve just learned this from personal experience. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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