Fitness Tracker & Smart Notification Band Review

This is a nice lightweight, slim, sleek design for a fitness tracker. It fits around my wrist well however how it’s stays on isn’t my favorite. This makes it look cheap and should be rethought of another kind of latch. The band is camo which for a country girl like me I can rock that no big deal. I noticed it doesn’t keep my heart rate correct on monitor at all no matter what I’m doing. This seems to keep me at a resting heart rate which isn’t accurate if I’m out jogging, walking laps or etc. When I did try and see why this was happening like maybe it was too lose on wrist – I wore it snug and seemed to do better. I don’t personally like wearing anything on me snug at all. When I do this it seems to me like it will be irritating and just useless to me. 

Overall; It cheaply made and just not the right fitness band for me. I had high hopes for it but with this I gave it to my son to play with and enjoy. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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