Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty Take Apart (Review) 

These are 8 in 1 kitchen tool not just kitchen shears. They are freakin awesome! I love mine! When using these they don’t hurt my hands even when using for long periods of time. They have a non-slip grip on handles and can be used by a person who is right or left handed. The blades are made from stainless steel. They will lasts a long time. 

These can cut through anything in the home, Heavy Duty Multi-Function Scissor can be used for cutting Chicken, Fish, Meat ,Vegetables, Flower stems, Herbs,Cardboard, Plastic & even Carpet – yes you heard me correctly! It can do all that plus more. 

These are 8 kitchen tools in 1 – ot just a pair of kitchen scissors our shears can be used as a Fruit and Vegetable Peeler. Serrated Knife . Straight Knife. Screwdriver. Nut and shell cracker. Fish Scaler/Cheese grater. Bottle Opener. Yes these can really do all that. 

They can be taken apart for easy cleaning. I could toss them into a dishwasher but I like using the old fashioned soap and water. I would recommend cleaning them after each use to keep down on germs and extend the life of the shears. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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